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This community is for anything parent-related in Montreal.
From where to get the best deals on car seats, slings, and strollers to best sources for cloth diapers and breast pumps to reviews of schools to what to do with your toddler on a rainy Saturday, we hope you'll find it all here!

Community membership is moderated. You need to have an actual livejournal to post. This is in an effort to eliminate spammers, which has been a problem. Please be patient if it takes a while to approve your request - nothing personal, but the mod here is a busy lady with young children. I'm sure you understand.

Community Rules:

1) Play nice. If you act like a jerk, be prepared to be put in time-out.

2) If posting multiple pics, please put them behind a cut. And please keep picture sizes reasonable.

3) If you post advertising spam your user account will be banned from this community. OBVIOUSLY.